Pineapple Pattern Print!

pineapplepatternHere’s a new print just in time for the warmer weather! I wanted to create something that evoked the feeling of summer, as well as experiment with creating a pattern; something that I’m interested in doing more of. Take a look at some of the process behind this piece below:

sketch6It always starts with a sketch. Above is the final sketch that I settled on. I tend to create all my sketches digitally, I find that it frees me up in terms of moving things around and arranging things while saving a ton of paper in the meantime 😉 I’ve found that when I put in the extra time to really work out a pose or a compositional element during the sketch stage, it really helps me when it comes time to start penciling. I’d rather work out all the kinks in this stage so that I can enjoy the rest of the process that much more.

IMG_20150610_173529After I print out the sketch, I lightbox it onto some bristol board and get to the penciling and inking stage, the fun part.


Since I knew this one was going to be more of a ‘designy’ kind of piece in terms of moving things around until they were right, I drew the elements separately so that I could be free to play with them when they headed back into the computer for coloring and arranging. 


I had a lot of fun drawing this pineapple. Such an interesting, organic shape with so much intricacy. I kept it as simple and graphic as I could, while having fun with the organic shapes. 
detailAnd that’s it! After everything was colored and arranged to my liking, it was time to create the print. These are Giclee prints that are printed on 100lb French Paper at 11X17. My goal is that it brightens up whatever room it’s in, hopefully bringing it a little bit of summer year round! If you’re interested in purchasing this particular print, it is now available in my online shop, check out the link here:


Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!


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Thomas Pitilli is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in such publications as New York Times, Playboy, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, Billboard, Complex Magazine, Juxtapoz, and many more. To view more of Thomas' work, please check out his website at:

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